Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change technical info of my domain name?

To change the technical information of your domain follow one of these steps:

1) use online domain management tool on our website Indicate your e-mail address and the password you provided during the domain name registration. If the password is forgotten or you did not register your domains via our site, please click on ‘Forgot password?’ link, type in your e-mail address and another password will be e-mailed to you. Use the tool to change your data any time.

2) send a request with the technical details to Please do not forget to indicate the domain name, which needs to be updated.

2. We did not pay on time and the domain name is not renewed. What can we do now?

If the payment is overdue a few days, chances are that the domain name is still in quarantine. Usually quarantine is 30-40 days. During this period the previous domain name holder still can reactivate the domain name by making the payment.

If quarantine period is over and the domain name is still available, register it.

If the domain name is already registered by somebody else, then most probably it won’t be possible to get it back. Unless the new holder is willing to trade it to you.

3. I cannot register a domain name under .eu. Why?

.eu domain name can be registered only by residents of or organisations registered in any of the EU Member state, Iceland or Norway. A full list of eligible countries
can be found at

If you live or run a business in EU but still can’t register a .eu domain name, check if your address - especially the country - is entered correctly.

4. How to change the domain name holder/payer?

If you wish only to change the entity responsible for payments, you can do it in our online domain administration tool. How to log in see in Question 1. You can also change the payer via email - send us to a request from the holder’s e-mail. Please do not forget to provide full details of the new billing contact.

The process to change the domain name holder is more complicated. You cannot do it via the website or by sending a plain e-mail. We need a request from the current holder - with all the details and signature. The document itself can be scanned and sent to us via e-mail. However, please ensure that the person signing the document needs to have the legal right to represent the organisation (or, in case of a natural person, must be the domain holder itself). Upon the receival of the document we will change the holder or will contact you for more information. Please note that requirements in different top level domains may differ.

5. How to change a contact and/or its e-mail address?

Please use our online domain name management tool at or send us your request via e-mail to Please do not forget provide us with full details of the new contact: name, last name, e-mail, phone.

6. We have a domain name registered via another registrar. How can we change the current registrar to AmberBit?

To change a registrar you will need an authorisation code. You can ask your current registrar to request it for you. Send us the authorisation code and we will transfer it to AmberBit.

If you have a .eu domain, then by changing a registrar the domain will be automatically renewed for additional year. Therefore you will have to pay the annual fee.

If the current registrar does not give you the authorisation code, you can request it at

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.